Poppy Heads & Carvings

Poppy Head Pews

The church is blessed with wonderfully carved pew ends.

Poppy head pew end carvings

The church is blessed with wonderfully carved pew ends.

In the 19th century the six front rows of richly carved poppy-heads in the Nave were presented by families from the parish, including the names Bourne and Booth. Click any gallery image to see the images full screen, as a slide show.

Many of the other pew ends are from the 15th century with numerous designs, owls, eagles, crops, coats of arms, monkeys, foxes running off with geese, and a man before and after ‘drinking’!

One of the poppy head’s is described in the village book, compiled by Rev C.P. Disbrowe notes ‘the arms of Ufford and Bec, quartered surmounted by the Saracen’s Head, the Willoughby crest’.

The more modern carvings, the work of a local carpenter, are copies of some old bench ends in Winthorpe Church, Skegness.

1937 saw the advent of electricity to the church. Prior to that the building was lit by paraffin lamps, and before that holders would have been placed in the tops of some of the pew ends, which would have held tallow candles.

Other notable wooden features in the church include the lectern, pulpit, chest and church box.