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Historic Village Book

Unique, fascinating and 223 pages

Historic Halton Holegate Village Book

This Book, created in 1905 by Rev C. P. Disbrowe whilst Rector at Halton Holegate from 1900 – 1915, has been reproduced in both a digitised and reprinted format as can be seen here, was made as part of a project at St Andrews Church, Halton Holegate, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. The explanation of the book’s creation is in the book, but the physical layout is odd.

The book itself has numbered pages but for many of these at the beginning of the book the right-hand page was the only one used. Later the left-hand page also was used at first sporadically later continuously: therefore, the pages are in sequence here, but without the empty pages. There also were loose documents in the book and a number of these have been added at the end of the book.

The difficulties in copying the book were that it was not possible to make the pages lay flat. You can see the curvature in the pages. Some pages had articles stuck in that were not straight. However, despite this it is believed that all pages are legible and as the book’s condition is deteriorating with age this record will allow access to the book and its information without further damage. There are further notices and acknowledgments at the end of the book.

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